Reclaimed Water Program

Hinesville Reclaimed Water Program
The City of Hinesville Reclaimed Water program began in August 2008 to provide highly-treated reclaimed water to Hinesville residents at a reasonable cost. The reclaimed water program involves many high level filtration and disinfecting processes that insure the water is safe to reuse. Reclaimed water is used for irrigation and reduces use of well water withdrawal so it can be reserved for human consumption only.

All water is treated to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

Re-Use Water Rates

0 to 12,000 = $10 (min. billed)

> 12,000 = $10 + $0.10 x Consumption/1,000

To see if you qualify for the program, call the Hinesville Department of Inspections at (912) 876-4147.

Conserving Water For The Future
Due to a constantly growing demand for water, the City of Hinesville is recycling with a reclaimed water program. The program provides clean water to help meet these growing demands. The reclaimed water has gone through an intensive treatment process for which it may be used for many non-direct contact ways such as irrigating lawns, golf courses, playing fields, and commercial car washes; however, the water is not suitable for drinking. This process is an effective means of conserving our limited supply of fresh water while meeting very high demands for water.

For more information on reclaimed water, visit the WateReuse Association.