Fair Housing Quiz

To find out just how much is known about federal fair housing laws, a national survey of 1,001 adults was conducted during December 2000 and January 2001. In April 2002, the findings were published in HUD's "How Much Do We Know" study. This quiz is an adaptation of that survey.

True or False? See how many questions you can answer correctly. Write down your responses.

1. Under federal law, it is legal for an apartment building owner to assign families with younger children to one particular building?

2. An apartment building owner has the right to reject an applicant because of poor housekeeping habits.

3. Not allowing the construction of a wheelchair ramp on the apartment building owner's property is permissible, even if the tenant agrees to remove it at his/her own expense upon leaving.

4. Under federal law, indicating a preference based on religion in advertising an available apartment is perfectly legal.

5. An apartment building owner may legally reject an applicant with a history of mental illness, though he/she is not a danger to others.

6. A rental application may be rejected by the landlord because of the applicant's religion.

7. When using a real estate agent, a family may sell their house only to a white buyer.

8. A real estate agent is allowed to limit a home search to certain neighborhoods based on the client's race/ethnicity.

9. A loan officer may turn down a Black applicant because of the applicant's lack of steady job and income.

10. It is legal for a loan officer to require higher down payments from Hispanic families in order to get a mortgage.

After you have completed the quiz, click here for the answer key and more information on the Fair Housing Act.