Probation Sentence

The Hinesville Municipal Probation provides supervision for people sentenced to probation by the Municipal Court judge. Supervision fees are assessed at $44 per month. The Court will sentence a defendant to a period of probation as allowed by State law. In cases where the probationer is not employed or is in school, community service may be performed with the City of Hinesville.

Termination of Probation

Except where otherwise indicated by the Court or required by State law or City ordinance, the probation will automatically terminate upon payment of all fines due to the City of Hinesville, and/or completion of community service, home confinement, drug or alcohol treatment, or any other program. Once all conditions of probation have been satisfied, an order for termination of probation will be granted by the judge. Copies can be obtained by coming to the probation office in person or sending a self addressed stamped envelope

Failure to Complete Probation Requirements

In the event the defendant fails to comply with the requirements set forth by the judge, he or she shall be brought before the Court for further consideration. Upon determination of inability of the probationer to complete requirements or pay fines imposed, the probation service shall petition the Court for alternative means of serving the sentence.

To make a probation payment, follow the below link.