Hinesville Development Authority

Vision Statement

Working in cooperation with the Liberty County Development Authority (LCDA) and the Downtown Hinesville Development Authority (HDDA), the Hinesville Development Authority (HDA) is charged with helping to create an environment in which people are drawn to Hinesville as a distinctive and attractive place to live, work, and play. The Authority will develop smart growth strategies taking advantage of the community's history, population diversity, geographic location, proximity to transportation corridors, natural beauty, and relationship with the Fort Stewart Military Installation. The primary focus of the HDA will be the development of the area within the Hinesville city limits that are not part of the downtown core.

Mission Statement

The Hinesville Development Authority is committed to making Hinesville and the surrounding environment a distinctive living, working, and playing community that will stimulate and maintain sustainable economic vitality. Hinesville will be recognized regionally and nationally for its unique and inviting features, making it highly attractive to businesses, families, and visitors. 

HDA Board

Hinesville Development Authority Board of Directors 
  • Justin McCartney, Chairman
  • McKesson Stafford, Vice Chairman
  • Robert Bell, Secretary
  • Donald Lovette
  • Paul Johnson
  • Patricia Jackson
  • Mayor Allen Brown
  • Kenneth Howard, Executive Director

Monthly Meeting

The Hinesville Development Authority meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. The meeting is held on the 3rd floor Conference Room of Hinesville City Hall.

For more information, please call Staff Liaison, Mr. Ryan Arnold, Assistant City Manager at (912) 876-3564.