Opening a Business in Hinesville

The City of Hinesville’s mission is to provide the highest quality of life, nurture a strong business community, and maintain an efficient government for the residents of Hinesville. The Hinesville Business License Office has been actively pursuing opportunities to impact business development and make the licensing process as efficient as possible. Community leaders desire to see streamlined approaches, clearly communicated processes, increased incentives and progressive training and networking opportunities for businesses.

The overall goal of this office to help aid you in the process and provide information for resources so you may succeed. The end goal is to make sure the process is streamlined and clearly communicated at every step of the way. When you come to the Hinesville Business License Office, you can expect to be informed of all the departments involved in the licensing/opening of a business in Hinesville, Georgia and have an opportunity to meet with all of them before you begin the process.

The How to Open a Business in Hinesville Flowchart will visually show you the process from beginning to end for the four common business types. You can also print the How to Start a Businessin Hinesville Summary for your review. Also, we appreciate feedback on the process. Let us know your thoughts of praise or problems so departments can better serve businesses in getting applications approved efficiently and effectively. We look forward to doing business with you and welcome you as a Hinesville business owner!