Is there a dress code and prohibited item policy?
Yes. No jeans, shorts, scrubs, sweatpants, work uniforms, baggy pants, mini skirts, sunglasses, t-shirts depicting violence, sexual acts, profanity, illegal drugs, tube or halter tops, or plunging necklines / midriffs are allowed. Dress in dress pants and shirts. Military personnel must be in Class A or B uniform with an escort of an E6 or above. No cell phones or pagers are allowed. If you are found using them during court, they will become property of the City of Hinesville. No weapons, videos, video recorders, or cameras are allowed unless approved by the court. No food, beverages, chewing gum, or tobacco.

We also ask you not to bring children.

If you are not dressed properly, you will not enter the court. To find out the status of your case, you will be given information on how to contact the clerk’s office when the court session is over. This will delay your hearing and require you to appear in court more than once.

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