Is there a dress code and prohibited item policy?

Yes, your clothing should be neat, clean, well-fitted and appropriate for court.  you may NOT wear shorts, sweatpants, over-sized or baggy clothing, spandex, shirts depicting violence, sexual acts, profanity or illegal drugs.  Sunglasses and hats are not allowed to be worn unless required by religious belief or needed for medical condition.

Military personnel should be dressed in the attire as directed by their chain of command and should be escorted by and E6 or above.

Cell phones are to be turned off or silenced while in the courtroom.  If your cell phone goes off or you are found using them, it may be confiscated with a fine imposed for its return.

No weapons or video recording devices are allowed without being approved by the court prior to the court date.  No food, beverages or tobacco use is allowed.

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