Public Safety Education

The Hinesville Fire Department is dedicated to safeguarding the lives, property, and the environment of our community through exceptional service in education, preparedness, prevention, and response to emergency incidents. The department works in the community and directly with local schools to provide safety education to all residents of Hinesville. Below is a list of available programs.

Fire Safety Education Programs

  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Child Safety Seat Checks
  • Fire Extinguisher Classes
  • Home Safety Checks
  • Scald Prevention Program
  • Vial of Life
  • Smoke Detectors

List of Available School Programs

  • Fire Safe House - Grades Pre-k through 2nd
  • Fire Safety Talks (Stop, Drop and Roll) - Grades K through 5th
  • Truck Display - Grades 2nd through 5th
  • Station Tour - Grades Pre-k through 5th
  • Hazard House - Grades 2nd through 5th
  • Career Day - Grades 6th through 12th
  • Friendly Firefighter - Day Cares through 3rd
  • Speakers Bureau - Grades 6th through 12th
  • Fire Safety Talk (Home, Job and Fire Safety) - Grades 6th through 12th

Scheduling a program

For more information and to schedule an event for our public safety education programs, please email Deputy Fire Marshal Marta Cuevas or call (912) 271-1218.