Commercial Burn Permits

Pit Burns, Campfires, Bonfires
The fire marshal must issue a permit prior to any type of burning. A site inspection must be conducted before a permit is issued. no fee is charged on campfires or bonfires.

Pit Burn Restrictions
For all pit burns:
  • An air curtain destructor must be accessible during burning. Air curtain destructors shall be able to pass an even, non-turbulent flow of air across the top of the pit.
  • Burning must be conducted in an approved pit.
  • A plat or site plan showing the proposed location of the pit and information relating to the proximity of any occupied or unoccupied structures must be submitted with application.
  • Only wood wastes consisting of trees, logs, large brush, stumps, leaves, and untreated lumber may be burned in the pit.
  • Pit burn fees are set at $250 per pit.
Land-Clearing Fires
Land-clearing fires are permitted only during the hours beginning at sunrise and ending at sunset.

For more information, contact the Office of the Fire Marshal at (912) 876-4170 or (912) 876-4145.