Homeless Client Services

The City of Hinesville Homeless Prevention Office is an entry point in the Coordinated Entry System. To access homeless services all applicants must be assessed and referred to current, suitable, and eligible services which are not limited to the City of Hinesville Homeless Prevention Office and may be located throughout Georgia. The applicant will need to qualify for services by submitting additional documentation in a timely manner. All services provided are based on a prioritization of needs as determined by the Coordinated Entry System. 

All agencies that receive federal funding must adhere to the Coordinated Entry System and Prioritization List. The system determines what programs each household is eligible, if any, as well as the order assistance is provided and does not guarantee services from any agency. 

STEP 1: Coordinated Entry Screening Application
Individuals and/or families (household) experiencing literal homelessness can enter into the Coordinated Entry System by completing an application for screening. Once the application is complete the applicant will receive the next available appointment with the Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist

STEP 2: Coordinated Entry Assessment Appointment
The Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist assesses each household's situation through a series of questions. Results of the assessment prioritizes who to serve next. 

The Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist will inform each household of their assessment score and which programs the Coordinated Entry System identifies that the household may be eligible also known as a referral. 

STEP 3: Referral and Prioritization List
If the Coordinated Entry System indicates a household may be eligible for housing services, a referral is to an agency or agencies. Referral agencies within the Coordinated Entry System will contact the household within 3 days. 

Referrals to the Homeless Prevention Office (HPO) will be contacted within 2 days to complete a full application for services. Click here for a list of required application documents.

The provision of services through HPO is in order of the prioritization list. Based on prioritization, households may be referred and eligible but not receive assistance due to limited funding. 

To determine your household's eligibility for homeless services please begin the process by completing the below screening application then email to hinesvillehpp@cityofhinesville. org or fax to (912) 876-6576.