Court Calendar


The attached court calendars are informational only and reflect the pending cases that are scheduled for the listed date.  Please call the clerk’s office at (912)368-8206 no later than 3:00pm the Tuesday before your court date to confirm your appearance, as this may reduce your wait time.

If you have an adjudicated case and have been ordered back to court by the Probation Department for a show cause hearing, your information will NOT be shown.  You must contact your probation officer to verify if you are scheduled for court.

Those without an attorney should arrive no later than 07:45am to be seated in the court room to hear all the announcements. Those that are represented, should consult their attorney as to what time you should arrive.

If you think you have court but are not on the calendar, please contact the clerk’s office for confirmation.  Failure to appear could result in a warrant being issued for your non-appearance.