Business License Office

The Business License Office assists in the completion of business license applications and in obtaining other City-required clearances and permits.

The Business License Office also coordinates the process for transient merchant licenses, peddler licenses, and yard sale permits. Permits for solicitation for charitable and/or religious purposes as well as parade and/or assembly may also be obtained through the Business License Office.

Mission Statement

The mission of the business license office is to provide professional and efficient services with integrity and excellence that will encourage customers to become successful business owners.

How to Open a Business in Hinesville, Georgia

Fee Schedule

View the most current City of Hinesville's Business License Department Fee Schedule.

Business Licenses

Business licenses are permits issued by government agencies that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government’s jurisdiction.

Each person engaged in any business, trade, profession, or occupation within the City limits of Hinesville must obtain a license or permit prior to starting operation. The City of Hinesville can fine or close a business operating without the proper licenses.

All business and alcohol licenses expire December 31 of the calendar year obtained and shall be considered delinquent after 90 days of non-payment according to the Code of The City of Hinesville Georgia.

Annual Alcohol Renewal Requests

Please visit the Georgia Tax Center website to renew an Alcohol License. Please also find the below required documentation for submittal to the Business License Office.

: Commercial Location Application w/Alcohol require legal-sized paper for printing.

Alcohol Business License Renewal Requirements – Year 2023

Annual Business License Renewal Request 

Please find the below required documentation for submittal to the Business License Office.

PLEASE NOTE: Business License Application require a legal-sized paper for printing.